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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of CME do you need for aanpcp?

Seventy-five hours of CME is also required and 25 must be related to pharmacology. That AANPCP requires that a nurse practitioner choose to either retake the certification exam or document 1000 hours of clinical practice and earn 100 hours of continuing education (with 25 of these related to pharmacology).

How many hours of continuing education do nurse practitioners need?

Nurse Practitioners may choose to obtain formal continuing education credits from the above bodies for the full 50 hours, or they may choose to complete the following activities for all or any part of the 30 hours that do not have to meet the formal criteria.

How are contact hours calculated for nurse practitioner courses?

Policy Statement/Procedure: 1 Only those courses completed during your current Nurse Practitioner renewal cycle** (birth month to birth month) can be counted. 2 The conversion for credit to contact hours are: 3 One semester credit = 15 contact hours 4 One quarter credit = 7.5 contact hours

How do I enter my CE and CME in the log?

A: When entering your continuing education (CE) certificates into the log, you will be asked to enter the total number of contact hours for each educational program. A CME (continuing medical education) = 1 contact hour.

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