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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FNP stand for in common?

Family nurse practitioners ( FNPs) are advanced-practice nurses who focus on patients of all ages- from infancy through adulthood. It is one of the most commonly selected certifications that NPs choose, mainly because it is one of the most in-demand NP specialties. Due to a nationwide physician shortage, NPs are more often "filling the gap" to help meet the growing needs of patients.

What does FNP C stand for in the medical field?

According to the University of Toledo's College of Nursing, an FNP-C is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, a nurse who has completed a master's degree in nursing and has become certified as having specialized knowledge in the field. Roles of the FNP-C depend on the state that grants the license.

What is a FNP degree?

A family nurse practitioner (FNP) is an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) with a master’s degree or doctorate in nursing.

Can a FNP work in Psych?

A FNP working in a psychiatric inpatient or outpatient facility managing the physical/medical aspects of the patient is within the FNP scope of practice. A PMHNP working in a primary medical office or medical hospital managing the physical and psychiatric care of the patient is outside the PMHNP scope of practice.

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