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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a nurse practitioner use a template for a note?

Built in templates, dosing, and medical references will save you time and improve workflow. On top of the hundreds of note templates that we provide, our note editor allows you to create new templates to fit your practice style and needs.

Is there a pocket guide for a nurse practitioner?

As a NP student I was looking for a a pocket guide with treatments, lab, differentials, and recommended meds listed under the diagnosis I’m a NP student and ordered this as a quick reference during clinical practice. The book is comprehensive for its small size, has sturdy pages and delivered very quickly.

How much time does a nurse practitioner spend writing notes?

The medical record is vital to patient care. Yet, many EMR systems are cumbersome, time consuming, and take away from medical care. On average, we spend one-third to half of their time writing medical notes and entering data into electronic medical records.

Which is SOAP note number three faith based nurse practitioner?

Hypertension: October 2012 2. Sinus bradycardia 1st degree AV block: October 2012 1. Father: living, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arthritis, cardiac stents 2. Mother: living, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hypothyroidism 3. Younger sister: living, no known medical history 1. Denies any tobacco use 2. Reports occasional social alcohol use 3.

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