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Frequently Asked Questions

What colleges offer nurse practitioner programs?

There are many schools that offer the graduate education required for this profession. Notable schools with Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse practitioner programs are Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, Yale School of Nursing, Saint Louis University, University of California-San Francisco, University of Pennsylvania,...

What is the best online nurse practitioner program?

Editor's Picks: Online Schools for Nurse Practitioner. The best online master's degree in nurse practitioner for value is Bradley University, which offers an Online Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner. The annual return on investment (ROI) at the university was 6.4%, according to's ROI Rankings.

Can I work in a hospital as a FNP?

It isn't wrong to work in hospital as FNP but its just like other specialties, go to school for what you want to do for your career. Its usually more stressful and more hectic than a clinic job, of course depending broadly on who you work for.

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