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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best books for FNP certification exam preparation?

Margaret Fitzgerald’s review books are simply the best. FNP students have widely acknowledged Fitzgerald’s review resources as the top materials for certification exam preparation. Books contain a description of content students are expected to know for the exam as well as plenty of practice questions.

What's new in the FNP 3rd edition?

Designed to help FNP students boost their confidence through intensive review and high-quality questions, the third edition features succinct, precisely targeted "need-to-know" details of diseases commonly seen in primary care.

What is included in the family nurse practitioner home study package?

The Family Nurse Practitioner home study package includes a course manual as well as CD’s with audio content from Barkley’s live review sessions. Listening to Barkley’s audio content in the car is a great way to help continue your learning during your down time on your daily commute.

What is the best book for nurse practitioner practice questions?

Packed with all-important practice questions, Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Practice Questions is an essential study tool for nurse practitioner students. At $177 for a new book and $79.95 for a used edition, Hollier’s study guide is a bit pricier than other resources on our list.

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