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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best resources to prepare for the FNP exam?

Another source that I can recommend is Fitzgerald’s Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam and Practice Preparation. It is a detailed, comprehensive review of FNP clinical content. She even includes about 1,400 practice questions followed by the discussion of the topic being presented.

Where can I find online practice questions for the FNP certification exam?

Lots and lots of test questions. One of the best options for online practice FNP certification questions is BoardVitals. BoardVitals specializes in preparing medical students, physicians, nurses, and advanced practice providers for their individual exams. They even have different practice questions for the AANP versus the ANCC exam.

What are the best resources for nurse practitioner students?

Students say the “Issues in Primary Care” chapter is helpful in answering questions about theory, the NP role and policy on the actual nurse practitioner certification exam. Barkley and Associates specializes in live study sessions but also has options allowing nurse practitioner students to study for the national exam on their own.

What is the best book for Family Nurse Practitioner certification?

One reference I highly recommend is Maria Codina Leik’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review: Fast Facts and Practice Questions. Leik presents a thorough review across the lifespan in an organized concise, well written, easy to read format.

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