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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the future of nurse practitioner practice?

The future of nurse practitioner practice: a world of opportunity Health care is transforming at a rapid pace. Nurses should be leading change and advancing health in this increasingly complex health system.

Is there a demand for Family Nurse Practitioners?

Without enough primary care physicians to care for the population, the demand for Family Nurse Practitioners will be high, especially in those states where FNPs have full practice authority. In March 2020, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) reported that the number of Nurse Practitioners reached an all-time high of 290,000.

What are the current trends in the nursing profession?

One certain trend is that there will be a very high demand in academics over the coming years, in particular nurses who have obtained their Ph.D. This is because the members of the faculty staff are aging and will soon be retiring.

What is the job outlook for a nurse practitioner?

This trend applies to all nurse practitioners. As such, how to become a nurse practitioner, job outlook and salary are the same as in number one.. Over the coming years, we will see an even greater increase in primary care demand. The biggest demand is in family care physicians, and they will require nurses on their staff as well.

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