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Frequently Asked Questions

How to determine NPT (National Pipe thread) size?

How to Determine NPT (National Pipe Thread) Size Male NPT is denoted as either MPT or MNPTFemale NPT is either FPT or FNPT Pipe thread sizes do not refer to any physical dimension. The outside diameter of each pipe fitting must be measured and compared to the table for size identi-fication.

What is the difference between npnpt and NPTF?

NPT is defined by ANSI/ASME standard B1.20.1. A semi-compatible variant called National Pipe Taper Fuel (NPTF), also called Dryseal American National Standard Taper Pipe Thread, defined by ASME B1.20.3, is designed to provide a more leak-free seal.

What is an an NPT fitting?

An NPT fitting is a National Pipe Tapered threads fitting that can be used with FNPT (female NPT) fitting in residential water and hydraulic systems.

What is the taper rate of a NPT thread?

The taper rate for all NPT threads is 1⁄16 (3⁄4 inch per foot) measured by the change of diameter (of the pipe thread) over distance. The angle between the taper and the center axis of the pipe is 1° 47'′ 24"″ (1.7899°).

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