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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Fortnite rap battle lyrics?

The Fortnite Rap Battle Lyrics. [Verse 1: CDNThe3rd] What up, y'all? It's Ceez in the builds. And when I'm in the game, I like to style with my kills. You know that I am the king of Dusty.

What is Adventure Time Fortnite Battle Pass?

Adventure Time Fortnite Battle Pass is a parody-remix, featuring Abdul Cisse & Salem Ilese. salem ilese PS5 (Fortnite Battle Pass Gamer Remix) by ​salem ilese (Ft. Abdul Cisse & Alan Walker) & Fortnite Battle Pass by Leonz

How much is the battle pass?

You can pick up the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks, and earn up to 1500 V-Bucks by playing. That’s enough to buy the season’s Battle Pass plus from the item shop.

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