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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indian web chat app?

Indian web chat app with voice and video chat feature. Our India chat is based on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) You can also share images or videos and discuss education and employment in India, Indian foods, the Bollywood movie industry, economy, recent affairs, and technology. This is a social chatting site to connect with people.

What are the Free Indian chat rooms?

Free Indian Chat Rooms. Welcome to - The No1 free online Indian Chat room, friendship and Indian entertainment portal connecting Indians around the world. Login and see the activity on All India chat site! Your new chat friends are just one click away on the India Chat Rooms!

How to chat in India?

Text chat room: It is easy on text chat rooms, as you can see the user list on the right, you can click/press the nickname you want to chat to. If you want to come to the main chat room or lobby, click on #India, then you can see the chat room with users. You can also chat in the lobby for group chat. 2.

What is the oldest IRC India chat website?

This oldest IRC India chat website is also known as Hindustan chat and Desi chat. We have the best India chat app to chit chat with random Indians online.

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