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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best online games for preschoolers?

The best games for preschoolers are those that coordinate with actual life skills. Preschoolers love to color in everyday life, so extending this concept to online games shouldn’t be a stretch. Try Color by Number on Turtle Diary to introduce your young children to online learning.

What are the best learning activities for preschoolers?

Learning activities should be based around real-world scenarios in order to help nurture this curiosity. Young children love to learn about the way the world works. Imitating and pretend play reign supreme in the preschool and kindergarten classrooms and keep their education active. In preschool educational games should be a top priority.

What are the benefits of playing games in preschool?

Preschool introduces kids to many new subjects and skills, but games like these keep kids from feeling overwhelmed. Your child will love exploring new ideas with colorful animation, puzzles and riddles to solve, engaging speed challenges, and the cast of Brainzy characters that help make learning fun and accessible to even your littlest learners.

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