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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon still have a free sample box?

While Amazon has officially ended its sample box program, there are still plenty of free goodies to score. Shoppers can get their hands on free samples of snacks, beauty products, pet supplies, and much more that retail for upwards of $100 through Amazon’s under-the-radar Product Sampling program.

What is the sampleme box?

It’s a monthly sample box. Every month, they have what’s called “Sample Tuesday”, usually the second Tuesday of the month. That’s when the sample box goes live. To get one, you need to sign-up for free and fill out your profile info. Then check the “SampleME” tab to see what samples are being offered to you!

What is the Amazon Prime samples program?

The Amazon Prime Samples program gives you an easy way to get free stuff on Amazon. It’s definitely worth taking a look at the stuff that’s available through the program. You can save yourself cash, and try out new products. So, if you’re a Prime member, give it a try, and if you’re not, consider joining. Don’t miss out on free stuff!

What do I get for buying a sample box?

When you purchase a sample box, you earn credits for select items from the brands in the box. If you get a single sample, you get a credit to purchase your product or similar products.

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