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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get free internet?

Steps Search for free Internet on a hotspot database. Use your phone's data as a hotspot. Check to see if your cable company offers free hotspots. Use a free trial Internet service. Exchange chores for Internet access. Find a local store or business in which to work. Look for Wi-Fi while you wait. Use school or library resources.

Can I get Internet free?

Get free internet by signing up with Netzero. Netzero offers free internet connection. It's free because you will have a lot of banner ads on your screen. So if you can get by seeing banner ads on your screen while using the internet, you should think about getting free internet through Netzero.

Is free Internet possible?

While it is possible to get free satellite Internet access for a short time, there is no way to keep it. Many Internet providers, including satellite Internet providers, will offer a combination of discounted or even free service, equipment and installation for a limited period only.

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