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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the incidence of flare ups in gout?

Incidence and frequency of flares. The incidence rate to develop first flare starting 1 month after the initial diagnosis of gout was 13.7 (95% CI 13.4, 14.0) per 100 person-years. It was higher in men [14.8 (95% CI 14.4, 15.1)] compared with women [11.0 (95% CI 10.5, 11.5)].

What are the risk factors of frequent gout attacks?

Gout duration and UA are the risk factors of frequent gout attacks. Key Points • Comorbidities can be overlooked if the screening for lipid levels, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease is not completed. • There are differences in comorbidities and biochemical findings between male and female patients with gout.

What is the prevalence of gout in men?

Gout is the most common cause of inflammatory arthritis in men, affecting at least 1% of subjects in Western countries [ 1, 2 ]. Prevalence of gout in men is much higher than in women and the burden of disease of gout increases with an increase in the number of the underlying risk factors [ 3 ].

How dangerous is gout?

After a few years, and after enduring an increasing number of attacks, how you characterize the types of gout, really doesn’t matter; it’s dangerous, both directly and indirectly. Having a gout attack in a joint is like having a joint injury; too many injuries in the same joint can produce permanent damage.

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