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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fresh 20?

The Fresh 20 is a meal planning service, created for busy families and singles who want to eat fresh, healthy meals, and save time and money. Our meal plans rely on simple, healthy, homemade lunches and dinners using just 20 fresh, seasonal ingredients per week.

Who is the Fresh Beat Band?

The Fresh Beat Band (formerly the JumpArounds) is a children's TV show with original pop songs produced for Nick Jr. The Fresh Beats are Kiki, Marina, Twist, and Shout, described as four best friends in a band who go to music school together and love to sing and dance.

What is the Fresh Market store?

Fresh Market is your local neighborhood grocery store owned and operated by Associated Food Stores, a member-owned wholesale grocery distributor based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Associated Food Stores has been serving Utah and its neighboring states for more than 70 years.

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