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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Minecraft and FTB servers?

Minecraft FTB Servers Feed the Beast, aka FTB, is quite similar in it's gameplay to Skyblock. The player starts on a small platform and needs to overcome a series of challenges. A big difference over other Minecraft servers, however, is that an extensive modpack is required to play on FTB servers.

What do you need to know about FTB Academy?

FTB Academy starts the new player off in a custom built school, that will help to ease players into the game while showing off all the new wonders that are added to the world through mods. There are also several other interactive schools to go more in-depth on how certain mods work! FTB Academy comes complete with... Continue Reading...

Which is better normal or expert in FTB Infinity?

Normal provides a balanced system for players to progress while Expert provides a much more challenging gameplay type. Expert is recommended for those who are familiar with FTB Infinity and would like to put their skills to the test. Both packs are playable online and offline and come with Fastcraft, an optimisation for Minecraft.

Are there any banned items in FTB revelation?

NO BANNED ITEMS ★ FTB Revelation ★ Sky Factory 4 ★ MC.Eternal ★ Sky Odyssey ★ Ultimate Reloaded ★ Stoneblock 2 ★ Sky Factory 2.5 ★ And More! A community of modded servers! Direwolf20 1.16, SkyFactory 4, GT NH, Revelation, Continuum, MC Eternal, FTB Ultimate and more!

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