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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a Full Metal Jacket?

The term full metal jacket means the lead bullet is encased in a separate harder metal - this is typically copper, but can sometimes be other materials and even hybrid composites.

What is the purpose of a Full Metal Jacket?

"Full metal jacket" is a term doctors sometimes use when a long stent or a series of stents is implanted in a heart artery to keep it open. Multiple stents are used in patients with signs of cardiovascular disease stretching over long areas of an artery.

Who are the main characters in Full Metal Jacket?

James Davis, better known as Private Joker, is the main character of Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Kubrick.

What is "Full Metal Jacket" based on?

Full Metal Jacket is a 1987 war film directed, co-written, and produced by Stanley Kubrick and starring Matthew Modine, R. Lee Ermey, Vincent D'Onofrio and Adam Baldwin. The screenplay by Kubrick, Michael Herr, and Gustav Hasford was based on Hasford's 1979 novel The Short-Timers.

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