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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie the real Tevar about?

The Real Tevar is a 2015 Telugu action drama film dubbed in Hindi with Mahesh Babu and Shruti Haasan in the lead. The story revolves around Harsha Vardhan, a multi-millionaire, who feels a sense of void in his life, despite having all the luxuries.

What is the opening song of Tevar?

Starting with an enjoyable local feel of a small town TEVAR opens energetically featuring Kabaddi, an introductory fight and a well- choreographed song "Superman" in the first 15 minutes. But then goes back to all formula twists as Sonakshi and other major characters enter the screen with some entertaining dialogues.

How did Telugu film Tevar survive in the box office?

In other words TEVAR majorly survives due to Manoj Bajpai ruling the scenes in particular along with the worth watching action, dialogues and cinematography capturing the local feel effectively. Having said that, its editing taking out at least 3 songs and few sequences could have resulted in much better film for sure.

Should I watch Manoj Bajpai's Tevar?

So if you love watching these movies specifically made for the masses and are a fan of Manoj Bajpai too then TEVAR can be tried as a one-time watch for the exceptionally talented actor alone, preferably at a single screen. By what name was Tevar (2015) officially released in Canada in English?

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