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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fullerton College a community college?

Fullerton College is a public community college in Fullerton, California. The college is one of 112 in the California Community Colleges System and belongs to the North Orange County Community College District. Established in 1913, it is the oldest community college in continuous operation in California.

What city is Fullerton College in?

Fullerton College (FC) is a two-year community college located near Los Angeles, in Fullerton, California.

What is the mascot for Fullerton College?

The school colors for Fullerton College (FC) are blue and white. The school mascot is a hornet, and the FC athletic teams are nicknamed the Fullerton College "Hornets.".

What is Fullerton, CA known for?

Fullerton is a city in California, with the population of about 135,000 people. It is a famous center of agricultural industry, especially citrus trees cultivation. In addition, it is a known recreation city with plenty of parks and resorts.

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