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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the State Farm video The Smoking Gun?

One involves a video from State Farm Arena that has since gone viral. President Trump’s lawyers and other supporters call it the smoking gun, proving election fraud. Channel 2 investigative reporter Justin Gray spent the day with Georgia election officials, going through the video frame-by-frame to show everyone what really happened.

Who is the Secretary of State for Georgia?

For instance, communications manager for Georgia’s secretary of state Walter Jones said in a statement to Check Your Fact that, “Nothing we have learned from the independent monitor or our investigation have suggested any improper ballots were scanned.”

Why was there water in State Farm Arena?

“The water inside [State Farm Arena] was caused by a leaking toilet, which, as you know, can be remedied by simply hand-turning off the water supply line to the toilet. In any event, the leak was minimal and was resolved in the early morning hours, well prior to the time the elections staff halted the counting.”

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