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Frequently Asked Questions

When is GameStop releasing PS5?

Announced by GameStop itself today, the video game retailer revealed that this new purchasing opportunity for the PlayStation 5 is set to occur this Friday on October 29.

When does GameStop restock PS5?

On October 22, 2021, Gamestop held an in-store restock event in select cities, featuring a $740 PS5 bundle that included games Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut and Far Cry 6. Shoppers camped out outside Gamestop stores with the hopes of getting lucky.

When will PlayStation restock PS5?

While this report gave an unofficial timeline of when we can expect a restock it did not provide any specific dates. And now that seems to have been confirmed with a page on Sony's own ShopAtSC confirming that the Sony PS5 is getting a restock on June 7 after a pre-booking round on May 27.

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