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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Garonne River?

Garonne River. Written By: Garonne River, Spanish Río Garona, most important river of southwestern France, rising in the Spanish central Pyrenees and flowing into the Atlantic by way of the estuary called the Gironde. It is 357 miles (575 km) long, excluding the Gironde Estuary (45 miles in length).

What does Garonne stand for?

The Garonne (/ɡəˈrɒn, ɡæ-/, also US: /ɡɑːˈrɔːn/; French: [ɡaʁɔn]; Occitan, Catalan, and Spanish: Garona, Occitan pronunciation: [ɡaˈɾunɔ, ɡaˈɾɔnɔ]; Latin: Garumna or Garunna) is a river in southwest France and northern Spain, with a length of 602 kilometres (374 mi).

Is the Garonne navigable?

The Garonne is not navigable; it is accompanied by an old and little used lateral canal from Toulouse to Castets. The Canal du Midi, equally old, connecting the Garonne with the Mediterranean, starts at Toulouse. The river’s basin is some 21,600 square miles (56,000 square km) in area.

Where does the Garonne meet the Dordogne?

Just after Bordeaux, the Garonne meets the Dordogne at the Bec d'Ambès, forming the Gironde estuary, which after approximately 100 kilometres (62 mi) empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Other tributaries include the Save and the Gers. The Garonne is one of the few rivers in the world that exhibit a tidal bore.

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