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Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about Hatchet by Gary Paulsen?

Hatchet is written by Gary Paulsen. It is a book about a thirteen year old kid named Brian who crash lands in the Canadian wilderness and has to survive on his own. Brian is flying to Alaska to visit his dad for the summer when suddenly the pilot has a heart attack and dies.

Is the hatchet by Gary Paulsen based on a true story?

In Guts, Gary tells the real stories behind the Brian books, the stories of the adventures that inspired him to write Brian Robeson's story: working as an emergency volunteer; the death that inspired the pilot's death in Hatchet; plane crashes he has seen and near-misses of his own.

Who are the main characters in Hatchet by Gary Paulsen?

Brian is the main character in Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Brian’s parents are divorced so it is hard for him with his parents being split apart. He wishes that his parents could get back together because he liked it when his mom and dad were together and it wouldn’t be so difficult.

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