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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gary Paulsen's hobbies?

Gary Paulsen Gary has ran the Alaskan dog race, the Iditarod, twice. He hopes to complete it again someday. ... He often writes for up to 20 hours in a day. ... Gary owns a large ranch in Alaska where he raises and trains sled dogs. Gary has a list of top 10 survival tips. ... Gary's wife Ruth is an artist who has illustrated many of his books.

What are some interesting facts about Gary Paulsen?

Interesting Gary Paulsen Facts: Gary Paulsen grew up in relative poverty due to his parent's alcoholism. Gary Paulsen graduated from high school in 1957 with only a D-average. When Gary Paulsen decided to write he took a job as a proofreader and wrote in his free time at night.

What was Gary Paulsen's personality trait?

This excellent person has some great character traits. Gary Paulsen is adventurous, because he is a musher. He is determined, because he will do almost anything to win the Iditarod and has never given up. Also, he is extremely intelligent! He is smart because he has the knowledge to write many different interesting books.

What did Gary Paulsen do to become famous?

Gary James Paulsen (born May 17, 1939) is an American writer of young adult literature, best known for coming of age stories about the wilderness . He is the author of more than 200 books, more than 200 magazine articles and short stories, and several plays, all primarily for teenagers. He won the Margaret Edwards Award from the American Library Association in 1997 for his lifetime contribution in writing for teens.

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