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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gary from The Walking Dead game?

Gary is an original character and an antagonist who appears in Telltale Games ' The Walking Dead: Season One. He is a member of the Save-Lots Bandits . Nothing is known about Gary's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He may have worked at Save-Lots along with his fellow bandits.

Who is the voice of Gary Smith in Bully?

Gary Smith is a main character and the main antagonist of Bully. He was voiced by Peter Vack.

Who are some famous voices in video games?

15 Famous Actors Who Voiced Video Game Characters. 1 1. Elijah Wood. Getty Images. Elijah Wood provided the voice for his most famous role, Frodo, in multiple video game versions of The Lord of the Rings. 2 2. Gary Oldman. 3 3. Dennis Hopper. 4 4. Christopher Walken. 5 5. Ellen Page. More items

Where does Gary go after the big prank?

After the mission The Big Prank, Gary can be seen in the hallway in his Halloween costume. He can also be seen walking around anywhere else if the mission is failed, and will fight if provoked. During the mission Help Gary, he can be interacted with and will fight if provoked, but this will fail the mission.

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