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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gayatri Joshi married to now?

Gayatri Joshi Oberoi- The present Now 12 years after that movie, Gayatri Joshi is happily married to business tycoon, Vikas Oberoi, who is the owner of the Oberoi Realty and one of the richest families in India. Gayatri married Vikas in 20o5 in an extremely private ceremony in Las Vegas and has two sons, born in 2006 and 2010 respectively.

What happened to Gayatri Joshi Oberoi?

Swades actress Gayatri Joshi Oberoi is a mum of two now and married to THIS business tycoon! She's completely away from the limelight! She became an overnight sensation with her debut film, Swades, opposite superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the year 2004. But Gayatri Joshi Oberoi left all the limelight to get married and settle down.

Is gayatriyanka Chopra keeping her Instagram and Twitter private?

Gayatri is often seen hanging around with her Bollywood friends such as Twinkle Khanna and Suzanne Roshan in the picture above. But it's surprising that Gayatri has completely taken the backseat and lets her husband do the talking. In fact, her Instagram and Twitter accounts are also set as private.

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