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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is entitled to a Ghanaian ID?

In fact, every Ghanaian citizen living within the country and abroad has the right to be in the National Identification System and citizens from age fifteen (15) are entitled to be issued with a national ID card. The Ghana Card will be the only valid ID for application for a bank account, passport, drivers license and much more.

How long does it take to get Ghana national ID card?

It is important to note that, the process of registering for Ghana National ID Card is absolutely FREE. The Ghana Card has a processing time of five (5) working days. That is to say, after your registration, you should wait till after five days before your card is ready. 1. Healthcare service delivery

Who is solely responsible for issuing the Ghana Card?

The National Identification Agency (NIA) is solely responsible for issuing of the Ghana Card. The National ID card also called Ghana Card is meant to be the primary ID card that citizen will use to access all services in the country.

What is a Ghana voter ID card?

The Ghana voters ID card is a very important document that every Ghanaian above the age of 18 should have. As a good citizen, you need to actively participate in the electoral process in Ghana.

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