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Frequently Asked Questions

What age do kids start school in Ghana?

PEOPLE & CULTURE. Children in Ghana begin two years of kindergarten at age four. Then all children ages 6-12 attend six years of elementary education. If families can afford it, children go on to secondary education. Ghana’s school system is more advanced than many of its African neighbors.

What is child labor in Ghana?

Child labour is a serious problem in Ghana, where about one-third of children between the ages of seven and 14 work full-time. In the Lake Volta region, children as young as four are sent to live with relatives in hope of learning a trade.

What is the education of Ghana?

Education in Ghana is divided into three phases: basic education (kindergarten, primary school, lower secondary school), secondary education (upper secondary school, technical and vocational education) and tertiary education (universities, polytechnics and colleges). Education is compulsory between the ages of four and 15 (basic education).

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