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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two main movements in Ghanaian dance?

Performed by men and women accompanied by drums, rattles and gong-gong, there are two main movements: A slow step where the arms move back and forth while extended downwards, and a fast step where the arms flap at the side with elbows extended. Ghana is a country that celebrates life.

What is Ghanaian contemporary music?

Contemporary music from Ghana is mostly comprised of 'Highlife' and 'Hiplife' musical styles as well as Afropop and Afrojazz. Highlife music was first recorded in the 1930's and reached its popular peak in the 50's through 70's. It takes a traditional percussive beat and fuses it with various European, American and Caribbean flavors.

What does Adowa mean in Ghana?

Adowa in the Akan language mean “Antelope”. The Adowa dance is a dance by the Akan people of Ghana which is believed to have originated from mimicking the unusual steps of a sacrificial antelope. It is characterized with moving hands accompanied by footsteps and more often than not the dance communicates a particular message.

What is a traditional ceremony in Ghana?

Ceremony in Ghana Ghana is a country that celebrates life. In addition to all the normally scheduled festivals during the year, there are several rites and rituals that are performed to mark the passage of life: child-birth, naming ceremonies, puberty, engagement, marriage and death.

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