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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Google Messages and Samsung Messages?

While Google Messages places a small dot on the side, Samsung Messages displays a small symbol next to unread chats along with the number of new messages. The latter displays simply one line of preview text whereas the former displays two. While the latter has a search bar, the former has a search icon.

Which messaging app is better: Google Messages or Samsung Messages?

Let’s know which app is better on the basis of its user interface and features. Although Dark Mode is supported by both applications, Samsung Messages does so much better than Google Messages. The former turns completely black when Dark Mode is enabled, whereas the latter just changes to a grey background while keeping the Material You style.

What are the benefits of using Google Messages or Samsung Messages?

With automatic sorting, Google Messages makes it much easier than Samsung Messages to keep your SMS inbox clean and filtered by purpose. The swipe-to-archive feature is not present on Samsung Messages, which is ironic since Samsung’s phone app has supported actions by swiping over contact names for nearly a decade.

Which messaging app is better?

Both Google Messages and Samsung Messages are good apps; although the latter does have a few unique features, the former is the clear winner. Not just because of its features, but also because it's easier to establish as a universal messaging solution. The confusion around messaging apps is annoying and unnecessary.

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