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Frequently Asked Questions

What is googlesyndication safeframe?

Safeframe Googlesyndication is an URL address that appears on a popup message when users access random websites. While such behavior can commonly be connected to malicious JavaScrips on malware-laden sites, this pop-up can show up on legitimate websites, such as Wikipedia.

What is googlesyndication?

Googlesyndication is a suspicious ad that asks Mac users to download unknown files Googlesyndication is a suspicious pop-up message that asks users to download files Googlesyndication is a popup that users might encounter at any time on Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

What is TPC googlesyndication safe frame container?

Users said that “container.html,” otherwise known as Googlesyndication Safe Frame container, is asked of them to be download. While this is an HTML file and is most commonly harmless, no downloads should be proceeded with. In other words, you should remove Tpc Googlesyndication offered file by pressing Cancel on the pop-up.

Why did I get a suspicious file request from safeframe?

Upon entering a random website, Mac users said they started receiving a message that asked them to download a suspicious file from “,” “,” [1] or another URL. In other cases, users' browsers were redirecting via these addresses to unknown websites.

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