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Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage is goudprijs Grafiek?

Goudprijs grafiek. 1,861.33. -6.72. -0.36%. Metal Goud Zilver.

What is gold/kilo and EUR?

What is gold/Kilo and EUR? Welcome to the Gold Rate per Kilo (kg) in Europe, and the current price of 1 kg gold is 48800.583009 EUR. The prices of 24K, 22K, 23K, 18K, 14K gold information is provided according to Europe (Brussels) time (GMT+02:00).

What is the price of gold per kilo in USD?

from $6,124. View the gold price per kilogram in USD via our fast loading chart. The price of gold per kilo chart shows the price for the last week. If you would like to see the gold prices per kilo today or live or in any other time frame simply use the options above to customise your chart.

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