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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gray matter game guide?

Gray Matter Game Guide & Walkthrough. A new adventure by Jane Jensen The construction of the guide is adjusted to the mission received by the characters. Most of them can be completed at any order and at the same time, but sometimes you have to complete a certain task before you can move to the next one.

What is graygray matter?

Gray Matter is the first adventure game by renowned author Jane Jensen since the release of Gabriel Knight 3: the story mixes eerie goings-on with supernatural events in best Jensen-style. Neurobiologist Dr. David Styles is one of the game`s central characters: since losing his wife in a horrible accident some several years...

Where can I find Samantha's diary in gray matter?

In Gray Matter you will be helping two characters - Samantha Everett and David Styles - in solving a mystery of strange, almost paranormal activities. Both of them keep diaries, but in fact all they contain is a record of the dialogues - it can be found in the inventory, on the bar in the upper part of the screen.

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