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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a graysby fish look like?

The Graysby is a smaller species of grouper. They vary from pale gray to dark brown; has many darker orangish, red-brown spots on its body, fins, and chin. There are three to five distinctive marks, like pale or dark spots, that run along the base of the dorsal fin. A white line runs between the eyes from the nape to the lower lip.

How many graysby can you keep in North Carolina?

For example, an angler may retain 3 Graysby or, if encountering multiple species, 1 Graybsy, 1 Red grouper, and 1 Coney. These species are subject to an Annual Spawning Season Closure January 1 - April 30, except for red grouper in federal waters off the coasts of North Carolina and South Carolina, which remain closed through May 31st.

What is the scientific name of graysby?

The graysby was first formally described in 1802 as Sparus cruentatus by the French naturalist Bernard Germain de Lacépède (1756-1825) with the type locality given as the Antilles and Bahamas. The graysby is a quarry species for both commercial fisheries and for anglers.

How many calories are there on the grey sheet diet?

A typical day on the original Grey Sheet Diet supplies around 1,200 calories. Breakfast consists of a serving of protein and a serving of fruit.

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