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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there Grey’s Anatomy face masks?

Still, there are tons of over Grey’s Anatomy -themed face masks available on the internet. From a mask with one of McDreamy’s iconic lines to a mask branded with Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, here are the cutest Grey’s Anatomy masks fans will want to own.

What do the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ characters wear?

Given the current time that Grey’s Anatomy season set in, the characters (and the actors) are decked out in head-to-toe personal protective equipment. This includes gloves, a surgical gown and a helmet-like face shield with a microphone that’s connected to some sort of respiratory machine.

Do the PAPR masks on Grey’s Anatomy have microphones?

Fans will also notice that the PAPR masks on Grey’s Anatomy have microphones that come out from the side and hover in front of the character’s mouth. It’s unclear whether those PAPR masks came with microphones or if they were built into the costumers to record the actors’ voices better while their heads are in the helmets.

What happened to the doctors on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

The season is set amid the current health crisis, as the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital try to keep themselves and their patients safe from you-know-what. So far, two doctors have come down the virus—Meredith Grey and Tom Koracik—but it’s expected that the health crisis will play out for the rest of the season.

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