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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes groin pain while driving?

Pain can crop up when crawling your car in the traffic or enjoying driving on a sunny day. The leg muscles start to cramp after a certain while. Uncomfortable seating posture or not resting the body properly can be the major reasons behind this trouble. Relaxing your legs for a little while would help to get rid of the issue.

What are the most common causes of groin and leg pain?

Causes of Leg and Groin Pain ➜ Groin Strain. A groin strain is a tear or rupture to any one of the adductor muscles due to an abrupt or rapid movement of the leg while running, ... ➜ Hernia. ... ➜ Sciatica. ... ➜ Injury. ... ➜ Osteitis Pubis. ... ➜ Round Ligament. ... ➜ Other Factors. ... Treatment Options. ...

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