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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Groupon merchant support phone number?

Groupon Merchant Customer Service Phone Number. The Customer Service Phone Number of Groupon Merchant is: +1-888-582-4354, +1-888-664-4482. Groupon is an on-line or e-commerce portal website which was launched in November, 2008 by the efforts of Andrew Mason and his partners, Brad Keywell & Eric Lefkofsky.

How does Groupon work for merchants?

Groupon makes most of its revenue by marketing and promoting businesses on its website. The platform acts as a middleman between potential customers and the merchants and charge commission on every customer referred to the business.

How does Groupon pay merchants?

The word "Groupon" is a combination of the words group and coupon. The company partners with merchants by hosting a discount deal and keeping at least 50% of the profit as a marketing fee. Unlike a standard coupon, a Groupon lets consumers pay the discounted price for goods in advance by purchasing the deal.

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