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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Groupon daily deal?

The 'groupon' phenomenon. Daily deals are dead simple. Every day Groupon issues a discounted product or service via a digital coupon sent by e-mail, and if a certain number of people prepay for the deal, it triggers a savings. Groupon takes a cut of every deal sold.

What is Groupon revenue model?

Groupon Revenue Model. Groupon has a well-designed revenue model where it earns money from merchants in the form of commissions by providing them customer and marketing tools. Groupon makes most of its revenue by marketing and promoting businesses on its website.

What is Groupon Inc?

Groupon, Inc. operates a shopping website which offers goods and services at a discount in North America and internationally. It offers deals in health and beauty, retail, services, activities, events, and food and drink. Groupon, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

What is the Groupon merchant center?

Merchant Center is Groupon's merchant portal containing a comprehensive toolkit with insights on all your sales metrics in one place. Equipped with these tools, you have the potential to create fine-tuned offerings that boost your brand and drive customer loyalty.

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