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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Groupon daily deal?

The 'groupon' phenomenon. Daily deals are dead simple. Every day Groupon issues a discounted product or service via a digital coupon sent by e-mail, and if a certain number of people prepay for the deal, it triggers a savings. Groupon takes a cut of every deal sold.

What is Groupon site?

GrouponWorks: The GrouponWorks website[+] is dedicated to businesses who want to use Groupon as a means of promoting and marketing a business. Groupon Grassroots: Groupon Grassroots[+] is a unique website where people can start campaigns to collect money for community projects.

What is Groupon store?

Groupon Stores is a platform for third-party suppliers of products to promote products, liquidate inventory, and engage with the Groupon community. Stores gives every retailer, brand, e-tailer, warehouse, distributor, and manufacturer a permanent presence on Groupon to sell products.

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