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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Groupon travel deals really worth it?

As you will see, Groupon’s vacation deals often appear too good to be true. By understanding how they work, you are more likely to snag an offer that will truly save you money while exploring amazing parts of the world. Deals through Groupon Getaways vary widely, so the biggest piece of advice is to do plenty of research prior to booking one.

Are Groupon travel deals legit?

Are the travel deals within Groupon Getaways (website listing) or Groupon Travel (phone app listing) legit? Yes, Groupon Getaways are legit. Based on my experience with the three travel Groupon's that I have purchased, Groupon Getaways are genuine deals.

Is there a Groupon for travel?

(6 days ago) At least in the United States, Groupon is the largest and most famous of the "daily deals" websites, and they have a whole section dedicated to travel deals. Groupon Getaways , as they are known, can range from one night in a hotel near your home to a multi-week ...

Is Groupon in Canada?

Groupon Canada. Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace that gives its services in over 45 countries. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the company was launched in 2008. It acts as a connecting hub between millions of subscribers and local merchants. It offers deals on various types of activities, tours & trips, goods, and services.

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