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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you grow onions from seed in Queensland?

In Queensland, short day varieties, also known as early or midseason varieties do best. Onions must be planted from seed, seedlings or sets. Planting an onion that has started sprouting in your kitchen is a great way to grow green onions or onion seed, but you won’t get any onion bulbs from it.

How do you grow spring onions?

Spring onions can also be grown from sets or small plants. Place a small amount of bonemeal into each hole before planting. This encourages your spring onions to develop strong root systems which will help them to thrive and grow into strong plants. Remember that they like to be planted close together in bunches.

How long does it take for onions to grow?

In warmer climates, onion sets are often planted in the fall, where they will remain dormant through the winter and begin growth in the spring. It takes about 3 1/2 months for the sets to mature into full-sized onions. If growing from seeds, onion seeds are usually planted indoors at least six weeks before outdoor planting time.

Where can I buy onions?

Onions can be bought as young plants (sets or seedlings) from garden shops/nurseries to plant straight into garden beds. Choose your variety according to your climate and the time of year as some onions will grow better in the cooler months . Onion bulbs should sit on the surface of the soil.

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