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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you plant short-day onions in the south?

Southern gardeners should plant short-day onions. In the South, there is much less variation in day length between seasons than up North. If long-day onions were planted in the South, they may not experience enough day length to trigger the bulbing process.

What are long-day and short-day onions?

Long-day onions need at least 14 hours of daylight to form bulbs. They’re best for gardeners in the northern tier of the U.S. and Canada. Just like growing short-day onions in the north, long-day onions won’t form bulbs in the south because the days aren’t long enough to trigger bulb formation and you wind up with small bulbs or bunching onions.

What is daylength adaptation of onion varieties?

Daylength adaptation of onion varieties falls on a continuum, with some overlap rather than distinct boundaries. For example, some long-day varieties may form bulbs farther south than others, and some intermediate-day varieties may form bulbs farther north than others.

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