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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average GT score range for each branch?

The average GT score range for each branch is: 1 Coast Guard 40 2 Army 31 3 Navy 35 4 Air Force 36 5 Air National Guard 31 6 Army National Guard 40 7 Marines 32

What does a high GT score mean?

A high GT score translates into more opportunities. Many positions in the military are competitive. For instance, in the Army, you must have a GT score of 110 to qualify for the Green to Gold program. The Green to Gold program helps soldiers earn a degree to qualify for an officer commission.

What does a GT score of 110 mean?

Also, this score is part of your eligibility for the officer training school. A GT score of at least 110 is necessary to stay qualified from Military Occupation Specialties (MOS) depending on your branch of the military. Therefore, if you want to be considered as a candidate for one of the harder-to-get positions, you need to improve your score.

What is the Armed Forces Qualification Score (AFQT)?

All branches, from the Army to the Marines, use the Armed Forces Qualification score, or AFQT. This score is a combination of three of the subtests of the ASVAB. Each branch then uses its own scores to help to determine which career path would be best for the candidates based on how well they did on the test.

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