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Frequently Asked Questions

What is guideguidepoint?

Guidepoint connects clients with vetted subject matter experts—Advisors—from our global professional network. Our clients leverage the insights and perspectives shared by our Advisors to stay informed and make better business decisions.

How does Guidepoint match its clients with advisors?

At Guidepoint, we are proud to provide our clients with Advisors that match their specific expertise criteria. In order to best match our clients and business Advisors, not only do we tap our existing professional network, Guidepoint also sources experts on-demand to join our network and connect with our clients.

What is the Guidepoint expert network?

According to FINAlternatives, Guidepoint is “the only global expert network with a large research team based in Germany and one of only two with research locations in the EMEA region.” Clients use Guidepoint as a resource to find answers to specific industry questions that might only be answered by industry and subject-matter experts.

Why Guidepoint security?

GuidePoint Security provides innovative and valuable cyber security solutions and expertise that enable organizations to successfully achieve their missions. By embracing new technologies, GuidePoint helps clients recognize threats, understand solutions, and mitigate risks present in their evolving IT environments.

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