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Frequently Asked Questions

What is guidestone health insurance?

GuideStone is a church health plan originally chartered by the Southern Baptist Convention that has expanded to offer coverage to the wider evangelical community. Church plans can be a lower-cost option. The plans provide smaller churches with access to group health coverage.

How do I contact guidestone?

If you are new to GuideStone services or products, contact us via this form. If you are a current GuideStone® client, use our online email portal to verify secure access, centralize communications and submit all inquiries for your account through a streamlined experience.

Why can't I access my guidestone®?

Enable JavaScript in your browser's settings, close your current browser session and log into your account again. You cannot access My GuideStone® because cookies appear to be disabled in your browser's settings. Enable cookies in your browser, close your current browser session and log into your account again.

Why guidestone for your organization?

For more than 100 years, GuideStone has been helping to secure and enhance the livelihoods of those who serve sacrifically on the spiritual frontlines. Protect yourself and your organization with up-to-date fraud prevention and security resources including expert advice, videos, articles and quizzes. Our mission is serving you.

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