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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Hallelujah tab?

Author oundj [a] 71. 8 contributors total, last edit on Nov 20, 2019 We have an official Hallelujah tab made by UG professional guitarists.Check out the tab » [Intro] C G [Verse 1] C Am Now I've heard there was a secret chord C Am That David played, and it pleased the Lord F G C G But you don't really care for music, do you?

What is Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen?

Hallelujah is a song for, by, and about the musical soul. You may never even have heard Cohen’s version of his own song because it’s been so famously covered by other artists. We’ll fix that. We’ll give you the chords you’ll need, and we’ll help you to strum or pick the Hallelujah chords.

What is the chord progressions for Hallelujah?

C F G Well it goes like this the fourth, the fifth Am F The minor fall and the major lift G E7 Am The baffled king composing hallelujah [Chorus] F Am F C G C Am C Am Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelu-u-u-u-jah....

Does Hallelujah have a meter?

Hallelujah has a meter (which is how you count measures and keep the beat) that might be a little unusual if you’re just starting out on guitar. For each measure you play (like that first G), you feel two beats. If you just strum the G twice and then move on to the Em, that seems a little less than satisfying.

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