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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of Gunsmoke?

The basic plot involves a man who makes a deal with a black market gun runner to kidnap a woman in exchange for a Gatling gun. It’s only after he kidnaps her that he discovers she’s the wife of a cavalry officer, now hellbent on revenge.

What was the name of the actor who played Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke?

Gunsmoke was set in Dodge City, Kansas, in the 1890s and began as a radio program that CBS aired from 1952 to 1961. Like the radio version, the television series centred on the character of Matt Dillon (played by James Arness), a U.S. marshal charged with maintaining law and order in an American frontier town.

How many episodes of Gunsmoke are there?

That series which follows a dysfunctional family in Springfield has 32 seasons and 698 episodes. But “Gunsmoke” does still hold the record for live-action shows in regards to the number of episodes.

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