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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Guyana Genealogical Society?

The Guyana / British Guiana Genealogical Society The Society We are a Society reaching genealogical researchers throughout the world who are researching their colonial British Guiana or post-independence Guyana ancestors.

Are there any historical records in Guyana?

Since independence, Guyana has experienced severe economic depression and civil strife, excluding any interest or ability to preserve or make available the historical and vital records. Please read through the pages under the label heading "Research" on the above menu, as there are many suggestions of places to search. .

Where can I find genealogical data of British Guiana?

GET DATA FROM INTERNET RESOURCES: As of 2008, there are only a handful of internet websites where genealogical data of British Guiana can be found: (1) This site, Guyana, British Guiana Genealogy Society ; 2) British Guiana Colonists , and 3) Guyana Colonial Newspapers.

How do I find a family tree of Guyana?

Many family trees have been completed by simply asking the world community through the internet message boards and other places where Guyanese would likely visit. Take a look at our " Sources " page to expand your search. You'll find more ideas and specific starting places. Best of luck in your genealogical research!

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