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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a guyot and a seamount?

Guyot is a see also of seamount. As nouns the difference between guyot and seamount. is that guyot is (oceanography) a flat-topped seamount while seamount is a mountain that rises from the floor of the ocean and does not breach the water's surface.

What are seamounts and guyots?

Seamounts and Guyots are volcanoes that have built up from the ocean floor, sometimes to sea level or above. Guyots are seamounts that have built above sea level.

How does a guyot form?

Guyots are thought to form as volcanos in sea-floor spreading zones and to become extinct as they move away from the spreading zones through plate tectonic forces. Their flat tops are believed to form by the erosional action of waves when they initially project above sea level.

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