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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hanhanabi?

Hanabi is a game for two to five players, best described as a type of cooperative solitaire. Each player holds a hand of four cards (or five, when playing with two or three players).

Is Hanabi a NP-hard game?

Baffier and colleagues [47] examine the complexity of the generalised game and found optimal gameplay in Hanabi to be NP-hard, even with a centralised cheating player playing all seats with perfect information of all cards, including the order of cards in the deck.

What is objective Hanabi?

Hanabi Objective Hanabi is a card game created by Antoine Bauza. It's cooperative, which means that players are not against each other but assemble to reach a common goal. They incarn here distracted pyrotechnists who - byinattention - mixed their powder, wicks and rockets for a large fireworks display.

What is the Hanabi Learning Environment?

To help promote consistent, comparable, and reproducible research results, we have released an open source Hanabi reinforcement learning environment called the Hanabi Learning Environment [23]. Written in Python and C++, the code provides an interface similar to OpenAI Gym [24].

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